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10 Ways You May Be Wasting Time And How to Avoid Them

Most of us waste a lot more time each week than we care to admit. And let's face it though it can be enjoyable, it's highly time consuming distracting. Time wasters are mostly just habits that provide little to no meaningful reward for the time invested.

Consider all the meaningful things you could accomplish if you stopped wasting time. Think about how much time you spend each week on unproductive activities.

By avoiding the 10 time wasters listed below you will add more hours to the day to focus on, and do what really matters to you.

1 . No plan for the day

Making a plan for the following day before you go to bed is a great way to avoid wasting time. Make a plan at night and then spend the day working your plan.

2. Worrying

Worrying about anything real or imagined, will only creates physical and emotional stress. It also makes you less productive and less capable of dealing with the issue.

3. Clutter

Clutter is a huge time waster. Everything seems to be in your way and it’s hard to find the things you need. It can be emotionally stressful, too. You will feel more calm and focused if your environment is neat and tidy.

4. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is an impossible goal and a real time stealer. Ask yourself how well something needs to be done and strive to do the best that you can.

5. Multi-tasking

Focusing your attention on multiple tasks takes time and destroys any momentum you’ve created.

It will be far more productive and less stress inducing to complete one task at a time.

6. Social media

We live in a digital age and there's no way from getting away from it, but it's essential that we take time out and get some headspace from time to time. Otherwise, we could spend mindless hours scrolling through endless feeds and end up losing time which could be spent more productively. Not to mention it can be a huge stress inducer as many of us tends to play the comparison game.

7. Meetings

Although they can be essential in the sense that they will keep you updated and informed and in contact with your colleagues especially now when most of us who are able to, are working from home, many meetings can suck the happiness right out of you. Not to mention, cut into time which which could be used more efficiently, If possible attend the meetings you absolutely have to and practice being assertive if it runs over schedule or if proving to be ineffective.

8. Indecision

Learn to make up your mind quickly. Make the best decision you can and get busy putting it into action. If you lack a clear direction, you’re likely to do nothing.

9. Fatigue

It’s hard to do your best work while tired. You work slower, make more mistakes, and have a decreased ability to focus and make wise decisions. Having trouble sleeping try these tips here

Taking breaks is another great way to recover or avoid mental fatigue. Schedule regular breaks into your workday.

10. Electronic devices

Too much Netflix and watching TV? surfing the internet, or staring at your phone? How about playing video games? Be truthful and add up all the time you spend in a week on these activities and ask yourself honestly if there isn't something more productive you could be doing.

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