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6 Powerful and Easy Tips We Use to Gain More Focus On Our Business

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

If you have been struggling to get more time and focus for your business and how to apply your efforts more effectively here are a few tips that you can easily benefit from.

1. Get organised

We can't stressed this enough and it's the number one rule we apply in order to maximise and use our time effectively. It is much easier to keep your business work under control and easier to manage if you begin by keeping everything as organised as possible. This should also include your working area , if you need any help constructing your own or would like an already done for you resource you can use instantly to begin organising a weekly to do list or working week checklist by down loading out our free templates in our resources here .

2. Clear goals

Set clear long, medium and short term goals and refer to them daily. By checking in regularly you will be able to see what progress you are making. Take a closer look at the goals that you have set and make sure that they are clear and that your efforts are moving you in the right direction in achieving them. If you want to know more about setting SMART goals see here.

A good idea is to think about one goal for each day. If you focus on just one goal each day then it will become easier for you to finish up everything that you want to do.

3.Plan Ahead

Plan ahead to schedule the best time to work on your business to be free from interruptions. If you know of times when others are not going to around then you should have a relatively easy time with getting your business efforts in check.

4. Limit distractions

If there's a way you can automate certain functions then do this. Keep all notifications off if not absolutely necessary so that you'll stay focused on your work.

5. Timing

Plan your work out ahead of time. Think about when you are going to do your work and consider the timing for how everything is to be done and it should be easier for you to manage whatever you have to do. A good idea is to start off by doing the most enjoyable firstly before moving on to the more demanding ones. Pre-allotting time based on when you should be working and when you need to get your work completed, should keep you motivated. If you need help with how to Time log, try here .

6. Prioritise

Paying clients are the bloodline of your business and keep your business afloat. Understanding who to focus your efforts and time on is critical when prioritising your work. Think about who's going to be more likely to pay you for what you do before you give time and expend effort on a potential customer.

By Women Who Slay @womenwhoslay


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