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6 Steps That Puts You in Control of Your Destiny in 2020

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Entering a new year and even more so a whole new decade like so many others you may be thinking about and looking for ways to improve your sense of fulfillment, success and true happiness in your life.

It may seems that other people nearly always attain success in relationships, business and personal fulfillment, while others in similar circumstances may do well, but never quite seem to reach the higher levels.

We often put their achievements and success down to sheer "luck" but luck although it may play a small part, has nothing to do with it.

What does have everything to do with it are the following six factors.

They are some of the areas which you can start now on improving in order to attain personal fulfillment, success and happiness. Which of these could you improve ?

1. Self-image

Your self- image is the key to how much success you achieve in any area of your life. It's how YOU see yourself not the way others see you. Your beliefs about your self affect what you choose to do with your life, how you feel and how you appear to others. Your self-confidence and self-worth are the result of your self-image.

2. Personal Power

The true fact is that you are either in control of your life or you are controlled by it. When you are clear on who you are , what you want to do and have in your life it puts you in the the driving seat. You either take full control of your personal power or lose it to others and whatever experiences life throws your way.

3. Creativity

In its broadest sense it is the artist and the scientist within you, who solves your problems and brings new ideas. Learning to tap into your creativity such as learning to meditate and visualising

yourself working towards and achieving a successful and fulfilling life.

4. Co-Operation

No woman is an island, and the successful person will commit to seeking out and spending time with others who are on a growth path. Spending time with other women who are success orientated uplifting and encouraging, and collaborating with other like-minded women to make your success goals as well as theirs become a reality.

5. Planning

It is said, that "If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up somewhere else". If someone doesn't have clear and focused goals, they cannot complain if the "somewhere else" is not to their liking. You can start by asking yourself one of the most powerful question that will undoubtedly shape the direction of your life, 'What do I want?' and be completely honesty with your self. Spend sometime alone and free your imagination to explore all you can be without any restrictions. If you could be , do and have anything in life, who would you be? what would you choose to do and have? Beginning to ask yourself these soul searching questions is the first step in creating a life of no limits. If you're still finding it a struggle to get clear on these and feel that you may need some help check out our 'Transformation Life Coaching packages here.

6. Focus

Willingness to step outside limiting comfort zones and start, concentrated effort, persistence and resilience in the face of obstacles - are crucial to success in achieving life goals. People who are successful in life develop tunnel vision, the ability to zero in on their target and take aim along with the ability to stay flexible as they work towards creating the life that they truly desire.

By Syianne Raemond @women_who_slay_


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