Get Out Of Your Own Way: 6 Ways You Are Getting In The Way Of Your Own Success

There is one key and significant difference between people who are successful and those who are not. Those who are successful believe wholeheartedly that they can succeed and can achieve what they have set out to achieve. Self belief is paramount in helping you to move from where you currently are to where you aspire to be. However, it isn't only the lack of belief that stops many people from being, doing and having what they truly want. Too often, we can become our own worst enemies and become the stumbling block in the carefully constructed prison that we have built.

For many, they do not recognise that they are blocking their own good. To help, here 5 ways that you could be potentially getting in the way of your own success. 1. You don't set goals and if you do, you tend to write them down then forget them.

What do you want to achieve in your business, in the short and long term? What do you visualize enjoying after you have achieved these goals - financial security, better life styles, a new home or car, a holiday? Set specific goals and the activities you will need to undertake in order to achieve these goals. If you do not set down specific goals, or if you forget about them during your journey towards success, then you are sabotaging your success.

Successful people set goals and revisit them regularly. They remind themselves of their objectives and they chart and plan to help them to achieve them. If they come up against difficulties. They review their plan and look at different or new ways of meeting their objective. Without goals and a plan of action to help them to manifest, you run the risk of moving aimlessly through life.

'We've heard of many people saying they are 'going with the flow' (you may be one of those people who say this) but what happens with a tap that you don't turn off? It keeps running, and doesn't stop, there is no beginning, middle or end just constant movement. Going with the flow works in the same way. It is a cop out in many ways. A reason not to chart a course, or set key objectives for fear of failing to achieve them. Don't be those people. Instead write down your goals, your dreams, your visions and read them, recite them, affirm them and they apply purpose filled action. 2. You allow other people to tell you who you are

So when that person at work called you unorganised in your last job 7 years ago and it made you feel that you were incapable of completing any task thereafter. Who was the person in the wrong. Him/her saying it to you, or you believing that it was true? So many of us have lived our entire lives allowing the opinions of others to dictate our lives and it stops us from tapping into our true desires for fear of judgement. The only person you need to listen to when it comes to you capabilities is you. Therefore, it is vital that you begin to look at the relationship you have with yourself and establish whether you are on your own team. Once you are apply to practice self love and be your own cheerleader, you will find that you will thrive and soar in ways that you would deem as unimaginable. 3. You have a lack of knowledge or stop learning

You do not need to physically go back to college to learn. There are now various channels through which you can learn. Often, what you need to succeed personally or financially is not learnt in a university degree! Search for personal and financial development training programs, and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools you will need to become successful. Successful people never stop learning; in fact they tend to have an insatiable desire for knowledge. Search the internet, find the best learning programs, read books - just learn, learn and learn. Invest a little in educating yourself as this will help you achieve your goals. We live in a technological age where knowledge is truly just a click away. Take time to invest in your personal and professional development. Just as little as 30 minutes a day of listening to a personal development video on YouTube or watching a tutorial can make a significant different to your overall growth. 4. You have a fear of failure

This is the toxic mistake that keeps a lot of people away from their dreams of becoming successful. I like the quote which says "Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure". If you face a temporary setback on your quest towards success; learn from it, pick yourself up and soldier on towards your dreams. "Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success". Replace Failing with Learning as every mistake can be learned from. Analyse the mistake and look at what you can take from the event, then list what you would do differently next time. 5. You are procrastinating

Yet another nasty one! Taking action TODAY is the foundational key to all success. By procrastinating, you are missing chances to be the best you can be; to make money, and to be successful. Get rid of all the bad habits that waste your time, break down your tasks to small manageable bits, visualise the end result of your project - do all that you can to fight this deadly habit that can keep you away from your goals. The key to truly eradicating procrastination is to call yourself out when you start to see that you are doing it. Stop the excuses and own up to your laziness. To truly stamp it out, you have to call it out and be committed to making the necessary changes.

6. You becoming easily discouraged

This is a common one. Your family or friends may not believe that you will succeed. Do not let this discourage you. It is recommended that you have a good network of positive people who can support and encourage you as you work towards your success. People will say discouraging words, discouraging things will happen around you; but it is only you who can let that get to your mind and affect you. Get out of your own way and take time to review the relationship you have with your self. If you are blocking your own success, recognise the signs and make a commitment to yourself to make positive changes.

W | By Sasha Shantel @Women_Who_Slay_

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