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Slayers Don't Follow Their Dreams, They Chase Them

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

I don't know about you, but there is something quite passive about the word 'FOLLOW'. When it comes to social media, we follow other people for inspiration, because we admire them and their feed, or sometimes a combination of both. Though, outside of following others for the right reasons, I believe a vast amount of the world's population are followers of someone else's codes, beliefs, ideals and concepts. Too many people are happy to follow other people, without truly recognising the reasons behind it. There is no real surprise why the majority of the worlds wealth belongs to a minute proportion of society, whilst the rest of us battle and fight amongst ourselves to survive, to make do, to exist. Yet, never know what it means to truly be alive.

Power comes from recognising your place in society and establishing what you need to do, change and implement to move yourself up the ladder. Possessing fake ideals of success does not bring you any closer to the actual attainment of the success you crave. Watching what others have and trying to painstakingly create your own version, does not mean that you will become as successful as they are. When it comes to your life, knowledge and the time you take to possess it will help you to make changes. I may have not been on the Earth for very long, but as I grow, develop and become more aware of my surroundings, it is more apparent to me that it is 'I' who needs to change the way I think and I need to be the person who is pro-active in my pursuit of my personal accomplishments and goals. We all have dreams. Some of us may have more dreams than others; yet, we all have something that we wish to make our reality. Yet too many of us allow our dreams to remain just that, dreams. The idea of them never gets further than what is first thought up whilst daydreaming. We sit back and procrastinate, waiting for tomorrow to start on what we could have started today, yet we're too laid back or possibly too afraid to begin, from a result of having failed before. Your dreams are yours, that is the beauty of them. Many people may have similar goals to yours, but none of their achievements will ever have a profound effect on your life. It is only the development of your own dreams and their becoming your reality that will shape your destiny.

When it comes to what YOU want to achieve, the act is not to follow but to instead actively CHASE down what you want. Don't take no for an answer, never make excuses or accept what you have been told by others. Increase the speed in your pursuit, break down the barriers, and jump over the defences. Crash through the opposition, turn a blind eye to negative people, block out individuals who do not support and encourage you in your pursuit of your vision. Do now what you could do later. Seize opportunities as and when they come your way. Time is not promised to no one. Chase the vision, chase your goals, chase your dreams, chase your fears and tear them down. Today is the day that you look within yourself and recognise your strengths and what you are really capable of achieving. We may not be there yet, it is the belief within us that we will get us there. Believe in the chase and give it your all. It will be then that you'll find your life will change for the better.

By|womenwhoslay @womenwhoslay



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