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Tips For Working From Home

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The spread of Covid19 has seen thousands of workers being sent home to work. For many this has been deemed as lucky but for someone who has firsthand been doing this for nearly a month, it has proven to be one of the most challenging things I have had to do. Remaining focused and maintaining a positive mindset in spite of everything happening within this country and the rest of the world isn't easy. However, I have developed some key tips that have helped me to remain positive and productive which should help all of you who are in the same situation.

It is so easy to become complacent, stay up late, sleep in and start work late when you are working from home but in order to remain focused it is essential that you work in the same way as you would at work. Start at 9am or 10am, plan and schedule in your lunch break and split up your tasks to ensure the day doesn't drag. I ensure I set my alarm as usual and strive to follow my exact routine. The only difference is I don't have to factor in the commute time, so can get ready at a more relaxed pace and only have to head down stairs!

This is vital as you need to make a clear distinction between your home area and your work area. This is particularly necessary if you have your family around; move into the kitchen or living room and put a sign on the door to inform family members that they cannot access for a particular time in the day. It also helps your mind to make a separation between work and play. Open up your laptop and charge it the night before, lay out your note pad and pens and ensure your work phone is charged and ready. With all this being said, it is also important that once work ends you also stop working too.

This is one habit I am never guilty of doing as no matter how many deadlines I may have or how many projects I am working on, I always ensure I take a break away from my work station and eat a nutritious lunch. It is important that you give your brain and your body a break from the computer and also take time to eat and stay hydrated. You will find you are more productive and get more done if you set aside a time and commit to sticking to it.

No matter how much people will say this is easy, it is not! You will feel to stop working more times than none and it's important that you give yourself a pat on the back for delivering and getting your job done even in the face of uncertainty and stress.

It can become very lonely and isolating working from home on your own, particularly if you live alone. Throughout the day, reach out to friends and family and while working keep regular contact with your colleagues through email and video conferencing. It will do a great deal to keep your motivation levels heightened and will help the day move that more quicker.

Not everyone enjoys exercise but there is really no denying that it helps to motivate you and gives you more energy which you particularly need when sitting in the same space for hours a day. It has been recommended by our government that you should go out and undertake a form of exercise. If you are like me and gave adequate space at home, put in a DVD or sign up to a live stream/YouTube video from your favourite fitness guru and take time to keep fit.

I cannot stress this enough! We have a number of posts on the Slay Babe Blog about keeping on top of your mindset and ensuring you do everything possible to remain in high spirits. Make sure you take a moment to read them and apply what works best for you. Maintaining your motivation levels and doing your best to smile and focus on the things that make you happy will ensure you get through this and any other difficult period you may come to face.

By Sasha Shantel - For more daily inspiration follow us on Instagram @Women_Who_Slay_


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