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Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Whether it’s been during my 1-2-1 consultancy meetings with clients or in my group facilitated workshops. There is one thing that always crops up from job-seekers or career hunters aged 45 and above.

“I’m too old” or “They want someone who is younger and with more credentials than me”.

The truth is, whether society has played its part or not in making this group feel somewhat inadequate; in both my humble experience and in my opinion, many candidates within this age group are talking themselves out of their greatness and their right to succeed in their chosen job market because of that negative and damaging monologue in their own heads.  You know the one that they replay and almost recite in their own heads, but that has never been 100% proven?

Much of the anxiety that this age group face when they apply for work is often based upon one bad experience or sometime on what they have heard, read or seen first- hand within the workplace. However, as much as there is age discrimination and companies that are allowing their personal preferences to override their professional judgement. There are many companies that value hard workers, the experience that evidently comes with age and the skills sets that these individuals bring to the workforce.

Of course, there are candidates who are fresh out of university and have attained a number of skills academically that they may not have. But with the accessibility of numerous online courses that are sometimes free or for a reasonable fee. It is much easier now to upskill and attain skills that combined with experience allow this group to stand out from the crowd.

One key factor that many employers are starting to recognise now is that candidates who are aged over 45 are a sure fire bet because they offer longevity and increased chances of job attainment as they are not so quick to leave and instead will be a loyal member of the workforce, whereas the 21+ age group are often looking for experience to then move on to the next big and best thing when it happens to come along.

With these factors in mind, if you are one of those people who feel your chances of securing long term and sustainable employment is hindered by your age. Think again. You are an asset not a liability.

Keep applying and putting yourself forward for the roles that challenge you the most and believe in your abilities.

W| By Sasha Shantel @Women_Who_Slay_


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