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No More Settling For Mediocrity.
The Time to Change Your Mindset is NOW 


SIGN UP to our  4 Week Intensive Coaching Programme.


If you want a no-nonsense and a no BS life-coaching approach that will help you to take responsibility for your actions and accountability for your life, you've come to the right place.


Living through a global pandemic has altered the perceptions of many women's realities and they can no longer accept the life they have created for themselves. They know who they want to be, what they want to do and have in life but have allowed themselves to grow comfortable in their discomfort for far too long! 

Is this you? 

DO YOU possess a deep longing for self-improvement but have been afraid to bet on yourself and your abilities to improve the key areas of your life.?

ARE YOU tired of the excuses you keep making?

DO YOU often use a LACK OF TIME as an excuse to not begin the journey to become the best version of yourself that you know you're capable of becoming. 

Do you ever feel that:

    * YOUR life is out of your control?
    * YOU are not where you could be or want to be?
    * YOU don't really receive the recognition you deserve?
    * YOU are often overlooked and undermined?
    * YOU have strong desire but lack belief in your ability or the future?
    * YOU are working harder but can't seem to make any progress?
    * YOU have strong desire but lack belief in your ability or the future
    * YOU are working harder but can't seem to make any progress?
    * YOU are frustrated because you can't seem to break through the barriers in your life
    * YOU are settling for less because it is still better than what other people have?

Do you ever wish that:

    * YOU could have more confidence to do the things you really want to?
    * YOU had more self esteem to stand up for what you believe in and to go after what 
       you deserve. 
    * YOU could face the events of the past and use them to help develop your present and
       future self. 
    * YOU could seize from using negative words to describe yourself.
    * YOU could begin to start celebrating your successes and achievements. 
    * YOU could overcome your limited mindset and thinking?

What if you could do the above and:

    * Eliminate Stress, Fear and Anxiety?
    * Develop your Confidence and Self Esteem?
    * Have more control over your life?

    * Learn how to avoid these problems in the future?
    * Develop a positive relationship with the self.



            WOMEN WHO SLAY CAN HELP YOU                 



We are a mother and daughter duo who are committed to helping women who are ready to say NO to mediocrity and YES to self-development, personal growth and become the greatest versions of themselves.

We have walked the tightrope ourselves; having run an award-winning digital magazine and due to unforeseen
 circumstances; losing it all and having to start from scratch. 

We fought back from depression, negative thinking, limiting mindsets and a lack of belief in our abilities to bounce back and create our female empowerment brand, empowering women to slay their limiting mindset and win at life.

We are Life-coaches certified in NLP, CBT, Business and Career coaching with a specialism in Transformation and Success Mindset coaching. 

We are ready and waiting to help you SLAY YOUR LIMITATIONS and to become your best self. 

Are you ready and committed to starting your journey to success and greater fulfillment in life? 



                                                  Coaching Overview


Our 4 WEEK Intensive Mindset and Transformation Programme is perfect for those who are ready to put their full attention and focus on their personal and/or professional development. The Programme is completely flexible according to each clients needs and where they are on their journey, and is delivered by certified and trained coaches. Some of what is included: 


* How to embrace change

* Slay limiting beliefs

* Create a success mindset

* Design an identity and meaningful life that is authentic to YOU

* Find your 'why' the motivation that will drive and keep you going on the path to uncovering your greatness

* Align with your values

* Talk yourself up! (Positive self talk)

* Become fear-less and develop self-confidence and self-worth

* Find your passion and true purpose and take daily, weekly and monthly realistic steps in turning your dream into reality.

& much more....

Overview of Sessions

4 Weeks Intensive Coaching Package 

*Pre-Coaching Questionnaire.

*1:1 Coaching session lasting 60 mins in person(if applicable) every week or via skype/zoom.

*1 scheduled 30- 40 minutes weekly call. (check-in)

*Unlimited email and/or voice notes/text access for the times you need to make an enquiry, need extra support or to celebrate those kick-ass moments when you've made a breakthrough.

*Bespoke content/worksheets in-between sessions designed to stimulate deeper insights and create lasting changes.



4 Weeks Intensive Transformation and Mindset Package
*Pay weekly options available*




"In the intense 1 month of coaching, I have gained more knowledge about myself, how my mind has processed experiences which have then influenced decisions I have made or feelings may have. Sasha gave me the tools that enabled me to change my mindset and develop a growth mindset for the better. I am now in a place where I am more kinder to myself and able enhance my self-confidence with the ability to become my authentic self. The constant encouragement and support Sasha gives is incredible and I am forever grateful. "

Rachelle / Actress & Model

“Working with Sasha this last month has been one of the best decisions I have made thus far! Choosing to have a life coach and taking that leap to start showing up for myself, has shown me how much change and progress can be made in a short timeframe. "

Siobhan / Poet 

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