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3 Easy Steps for Overcoming Fear

Updated: Jan 24

Fear, a four letter word that we all experience at some point in our life and while it serves a purpose in protecting us from dangerous and sometimes life threatening experiences, it's the times when we allow it to control us and hinder us from living the life we truly desire. It's at those times that we either choose to Face Everything And Rise! or Fuck Everything And Run!

The problem is that too many of us whenever we attempt to do anything that is new, choose the latter whereas more often than not, most of our fears how ever real they may seem, doesn't ever materialise . However, choosing to let that fear debilitate you or simply guide you is the difference in whether or not fear will overcome you or you will slay fear.

If you're really determined to conquering fear, here are some useful and handy tips that you could use to put your fears to rest.

#Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway

You might have come across the saying or even read the book titled ' Feel the fear and do it anyway' it's absolutely right. One of the quickest and most efficient ways to overcoming fear is to face it head on in your life. For example, if you need to speak in front of others, the best way to really overcome that fear is to do it and get it over with until next time. Take that first step and then the next, in doing so you might find that each step and each experience will make you stronger for the next.

Never shy away from or be ashamed of your fears as another one of the best ways to overcoming a fear is to acknowledge it. As long as you feel that it exists in your life do not be ashamed or hide it from others. I have a lifelong fear of heights but I've always acknowledge it and do not let it keep me away from enjoying the panoramic views which is only available from tall buildings or heights. Whilst I also appreciate that the fear may be more overwhelming for others, the point I am making here is, whether you are afraid of heights or small spaces etc, it is nothing to be ashamed of – it is simply part of who you are.

If you find yourself struggling to get a grip of your fears alone it could also be beneficial to confide in a girlfriend you feel is trustworthy. Being open to confiding in others who could be sympathetic and helpful may help in the long run in handling or overcoming your fear, but only if you trust them completely.

And, if others find out your fears and try to use them against you, do not give them the power to do so. Own it, let them know that you are not bothered by them knowing your fears. The sooner you acknowledge those fears, the sooner they lose their momentum and the sooner you take your power back.

#Take Action

Once you have acknowledged your fears , faced them head on, continuing to take small action steps daily will help to keep those fears in check.

For example, want to start that business, apply for that new job role, the university place which will skyrocket your chosen career ? Start by taking the first step. Or, if faced with a choice of the elevator or the stairs, take the elevator if you are afraid of them. Even if it means waiting for someone else to ride up with you, do not let your fears be bigger than you are. Remember you are always in control of your emotions. The choice you make to face up to and acknowledge how you feel when you experience fear, is completely under your control.

By Women Who Slay @womenwhoslay


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