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Love Thy Self - 3 Ways To Love Yourself More

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

I don't know about you but I've began to notice a trend in too many women having to swallow humble pie and not be seen to be loving themselves freely. I've honestly lost count of the amount of times I've been accused of being too 'into myself', or 'too full of it' just because I showered myself with self praise. I understand more than ever that we've been taught that we shouldn't toot our own horn too loudly for fear of making the person next to us feel inadequate. But, to be honest, I've never moved in accordance to that rule. I am a firm believer that you need to be your own best friend, your own cheerleader and more vitally you need to build a long and lasting love affair with yourself.

The truth is, we've grown too accustomed with playing small and dimming our own light for fear of being seen as 'too cocky' and as a result we are not showing ourselves the love that we deserve. With life's challenges and continual ups and down, we need to be in our own corner, propping ourselves up when the going gets tough. Having worked within the mental health field for nearly a decade, I have firsthand seen the detrimental effect having no love for the self can have. Many of my clients have developed a hate/hate relationship with themselves. When asked the question 'what do you love about yourself?' they're unable to answer it. They struggle to find one complimentary thing to say about themselves and as a result, not only does their mental health and well- being decline but also their abilities to forge relationships outside themselves.

I'm asking you to choose today to celebrate your uniqueness, celebrate your talents, celebrate your beauty and celebrate everything you love and appreciate about yourself. So many of us dream of meeting our soulmate or building friendship groups with individuals who love and appreciate them. Yet, they have not developed a lasting love of the self. You deserve to feel love from the inside out. You're worthy and full of love in abundance and you deserve to become and embody all that feeling brings.

To help you along on your self love journey, we've come up with 3 ways you can begin to love yourself more. Practice the act of showing your self love and appreciation and watch yourself florish. Also download our free resource to help you take once step further in your self care journey. You deserve it.

1. Write down what you like about yourself and review it daily

Saying you love yourself when you don't feel you do can be a painful process and one that can and will evoke raw emotion from within. However, to begin to combat this and progress forward the first action you need to do is to focus on the things you 'like' about yourself right now, in this moment. This could be something as simple as saying "I like the fact that I'm a good cook" or " I like the way I'm good with money". By shining the spotlight on what you like, with enough focused attention and discipline and by committing to spending time with yourself, reviewing and reflecting upon what you like about who you are will ultimately turn into a self professed list of what you grew to love about yourself.

2. Celebrate your achievements When was the last time you pat yourself on the back and said "well done me". To be honest, too many of us are simply not good at doing this. It's important to know that you have the right to celebrate all that you have achieved so far on your journey. No matter who you are or where you come from, there is no doubt that you have achieved some key landmarks in your life. Talk about them, reminisce about them and revisit the emotions you felt when you were living them. You have achieved far more that you care to realise and it's due time that you begin to pay homage to the amazing, strong and vital person you are today.

3. Immerse yourself in the company of those who love you

The sheer fact that you have friends and family who love and appreciate you is a clear indicator that you possess qualities that make you loveable. You are loved and appreciated and valued and surrounding yourself with those who see the good in you, will act as strong reminder that you're beautiful inside and out and deserve all the love the world has to offer and more.

Download our free resource HERE and do let us know how you found it by dropping us an email: or by connecting with us on Instagram and/or Twitter.

By| womenwhoslay @womenwhoslay


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