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10 Easy Ways To Adopt A Positive Mindset In Your Day

If you are struggling to get from under a cloud of negativity, especially at this time of uncertainity, now more than ever before it's important to forge a positive mindset. And it's absolutely doable. You can re-train your brain to think differently and focus on the positives whenever you are ready by following the strategies below.

1. Limit the news - I know that at this moment in time it's very important to keep informed of how the situation the world is living under is progressing and be up to date, but if you find that the news is consuming most of your day, is leaving you feeling fearful and anxious it might be better to limit the amount of time you spend trailing through the media for minute to minute updates to perhaps once or twice a day. We all want to keep informed but over indulging will only add stress and induce anxiety. One useful way of sorting through any disturbing emotions is by confiding in someone you trust.

2. Plan your day - Use a journal or an app to to set daily goals and measure your progress. You can also keep a set space to record at least 5 to 10 things you are grateful for any achievemnents and any happy events. This will focus your attention on the positives.

3. Practice Mindfulness - As you move through your day, live mindfully. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions without judgement. Stay grounded in the present.

4. Talk yourself up - Affirmations are a great way to talk yourself up rather than down. Write them down and place them in areas of your home where you will be able to see them often, in your paper notepad or in your phone. You can construct your own or seek them out on personal development websites, or in books. Give yourself uplifting and reassuring messages. The more you repeat them, the easier and quicker it will be to believe them.

5. Exercise - If you are self isolating or if you are feeling cut off from the world outside, if you are not already committed to working out daily, now is the perfect time to making some form of physical exercise a part of your day as in accordance to government guidelines we are allowed 1 hour of exercise daily. An active lifestyle will boost your mood and improve your overall health and in addition to eating and sleeping well can contribute to a healthy immune system too. Spending time taking care of yourself will also make any of the disturbing circumstances which may be troubling you more manageable.

6. Improve your confidence - Take some time to compile a list of your achievements and recognise your strengths this will make you more capable and increase your belief in yourself and in your ability to succeed in coping in the present and in the future. Also try tapping into your spirtual faith as many find a deep sense of strength from their beliefs.

7. Define Your purpose - Your days and your life becomes more fulfilling when you live with a sense of purpose. Envision the legacy you would like to create. What would you do if money was not an objective. If you are un sure and need help getting clear on what your life purpose is try here.

8. Be realistic - Being level-headed is a necessary element of optimisim. Teach yourself to respond to situations as they arise, such as your toilet overflowing, your car breaking down, your fridge stopped working etc , rather than having a knee jerk reation. Take a moment to take a deep breath and tell yourself that you absolutely can remain calm and be content in stressful situations. You can learn to trust yourself. If you catch yourself tempted to complain, redirect your focus onto finding a solution and taking constructive action. Learn to distinquish between the things you can control and the things you need to accept.

9. Socialise - It's still possible to socialise with friends and families although for the time being it might not be physically, almost everyone knows how to use a mobile phone, owns a home computer or laptop and notepad. Just try to spend most of your time with the ones who lifts your spirits and are positve and uplifting.

10. This too shall pass - Recognise the impermanence of the current world wide situation as well as any of the other challenges you are experiencing. Life is full of ups and down, no matter how challenging the obstacles may be, remind yourself often if need be that 'this too shall pass'. It can and it does.

You can teach yourself to focus on the bright side of life by being open to learning new habits and applying the above into your daily life. Embracing positivity will help you to have a sense of greater contentment, health and success.

W| Syianne Raemond @women_who_slay_


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