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3 Powerful Tips for Making 2024 the Year You Start Feeling Happy in Your Skin

Updated: Jan 7

No matter who you are, where you live, how much money you have in your bank account, whether you are slim or amply curvaceous or what you want to achieve in life, happiness is the ultimate end goal for everyone. And for most women, being happy with their physical appearance can be an excellent source of joy - or can evoke feelings of intense sadness and despair.

Not all but most of the dis-satisfaction we feel stems from today's over obsessive focus on how we look rather than on our personality.

On the other hand, however much we're assured and we know deep down that nothing in our appearance can determine our worth, on the surface, let's be honest, there is still moments when we're scrolling through Instagram, flicking through the pages of our favourite glossy mag, we still find ourselves lacking.

The problem is this: comparing ourselves to images that is more than likely filtered and manipulated will not only negatively affect our self-confidence it will also crush our self-esteem.

What can we do, then, to feel happy in our skin? Try these:

Adopt empowering social media habits.

You probably won't be surprised to hear that social media sets you up for failure. Every time you hide flaws by editing your selfie or remind yourself how you used to be by posting a photo of yourself when you were younger, or compare yourself negatively to other women you're undermining your self-esteem.

You've most likely heard the saying that comparison is the thief of joy, and it's absolutely true. If we're constantly comparing our lives to others, we'll almost always end up feeling lacking and dis-satisfied with ourselves or our lives. Resulting in keeping us stressed and feeling unhappy.

If you wish to boost your confidence, avoid wasting time scrolling through the news feed that in the past may have ignited feelings of envy and leaving you feeling less-than and begin tapping into the many positive, motivational, educational and uplifting feeds instead.

Create a balance between outer and inner beauty.

As women, I believe we have an in built desire with trying to look as beautiful as we can so much so for many of us we neglect cultivating our inner beauty. But as much as you pay attention to your appearance, it's essential to pay equal attention to your inner beauty.

You can start by learning to forgive yourself and consciously learning to love, accept or find a way to improving any perceive imperfection. We are all beautiful human beings, and deserves to love ourselves for who we are.

Finding out what makes you happy and doing more of that will bring you lasting happiness. Becoming happier requires self-awareness and commitment, but it's worth it to provide yourself with the love and acceptance you deserve.

Also paying close attention and scheduling time to take care of your stress levels will reward you ten-folds. While some stress is natural, chronic stress can create lasting harm to your beauty as well as to your overall health.

Along with a host of other health issues as an example;

*Stress can make your skin look older than it might be.

* It also create a sugar rush and causes you to crave more sugar, which disrupts your gut health, leading your body to feel sluggish and lethargic

*Another negative effect of chronic stress is an inability to enjoy being on good terms with yourself, others, and the world around you.

The quicker we embrace the knowledge that our mental and physical health are intertwined, the sooner we can start living more fulfilling lives.

Focus on becoming the best version of yourself each day

It may require some concentrated effort, but start by focusing on all aspects of yourself, not just your physical appearance, and work on getting level ten success in every part of your life.

Feeling happy in your skin doesn't involve only taking care of your physical appearance, it also includes finding work that you love.

Start by getting intimate with your true passions, what sets your soul on fire?

If you have a yearning to help others, seek out ways that you can earn a living as well as feed your desire to make an impact. If you have a passion for creativity isolate what you're good at and start creating. You might even decided to start a side hustle and begin selling your creations. Whatever you discover, go for it.

There is no need to compromise when pursuing your passion or helping others. In fact a volunteering your time, finding a job that will allow you to help others or starting a side hustle for example, will make you happier in your skin by allowing you to focus on your passion and purpose.

It's essential that as we enter a new year, especially if we're feeling dissatisfied with our appearance, to remember that true happiness doesn't lie solely in our physical appearance. If you take the time to figure out what makes you happy in your life, whether you'll need to lose the excess weight, spend more time in caring for your beauty needs, change of career or discovering your passion and purpose and focusing on how to increase your level of happiness, you'll be more self-assured and empowered to finding joy in your skin.

By| @womenwhoslay


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