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4 Things To Do The Night Before To Set You Up For The Work Day

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Nothing ruins a work day more than starting the morning rushed and stressed even before you head out the door and begin the tedious and sometimes infuriating slow commute to work. Trying to organised and fit everything you need to do to set yourself up for a more calm and productive day however is easy when you plan ahead, the night before.

1. Pack Your Bag

Apart from your everyday cant-do-without essentials, ask yourself what else do you need to pack to ensure you day moves as smoothly as possible. This may include a diary and pen to jot down those all important notes throughout the day, healthy snacks to keep you nourished, a bottle of water to keep you hydrated, an I-Pod for those all those songs to ensure you remain upbeat. Taking time to pack your bag the night before will allow you to invest quality time in other things like meditation, visualisation, sitting down and eating a nutritious breakfast or exercising.

2. Prepare Your Lunch

If you plan on saving money as well as being in control of how your food is prepared and managing your eating habits, then lunch could be as simple and quick as leftovers from your evening meal the night before. Just package a generous amount in a container and viola! It's important that whatever you pack is filling and has enough nutritional value to help you maintain your energy throughout the day.

3] Choose Your Clothes

Honestly, we women can get rather pedantic about our daily outfits and too often a planned outfit which looked so perfect in our heads doesn't quite pan out that way when we start to put it together. Too often than not it is our outfits and our hair that make us become late, so where possible, scan your closet and aim to put together an outfit that you can iron and hang up so you can simply grab it and go. The amount of time you will save is endless!

4) Get an early night

As tempting as it may be to sit down and watch yet another episode of your favourite Netflix box set, if you feel tired the chances are you will not be productive and anything you attempt to do will be futile. Instead, set manageable goals for your evenings and if you haven't got an event or meeting to attend to in the evening, schedule in a few early nights a week. You will not only find your energy levels improve but you will also be that more productive the next day.

There are so many positive changes that you can implement in your evening routine to ensure every morning runs smoothly. Try to incorporate these into your life and see how much more efficient you will undoubtedly become.

By| womenwhoslay @Women_Who_Slay_


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