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4 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

When it comes to decluttering we all know how incredible freeing it is to sell, gift, donate or simply to throw away used items that is clogging up our space. Yet, when it comes to decluttering your mind, it’s not really possible to unload your thoughts so easily. Here are a few ways you can refresh and declutter your mind.

#1: Let sh*t go. If you made a resolution at the start of the year to let old memories die and find half way into 2023 you're mind is still stuck relieving the past, here is your wake up call. From broken relationships to tyrannical bosses, we tend to have a whole lot of backstory spinning in the back of our mind. If there's no way to repair or find a resolution just determine right now to let it all go and you’ll find your mind in a much more free and easy state.

#2: Declutter your schedule. Another thing that can quickly send us spiralling out of control is if we are constantly rushing from one activity to another. Take a look at your schedule and start eliminating things that aren’t necessary. All they’re doing is adding stress to your day and giving you more fuel to throw into the ever-spiralling mental flames of stress.

#3: Unplug from the party. The pings, dings, and rings from various contacts, along with the thrill of finding a new message, endless hours scrolling through social media are all adding small but unhealthy doses of stress to your day.

#4: Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about engaging with the present in a fully, alive way. There are lots of ways to practice the skill of mindfulness, from meditation to just focusing your full attention on a task you are doing. Mindfulness will help you learn how to push relevant concerns out of your conscious thought process, leading to increased concentration and a decluttered mind.

By| womenwhoslay @womenwhoslay


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