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5 Ways To Improve Your Mindset

We went on Instagram Live this week to speak about the power of your mindset and what steps you can implement each day to make sure yours is at its optimum level. After years of battling with a negative mindset, I made the decision in 2015 to start to actively work on improving mine as I found that I was going around in a circle in my personal and professional life and I didn't know why. It was only after taking time to listen to the motivational teachings of life coaches such as Les Brown, Joel Osteen and Anthony Robbins I realised that my own thinking was holding me back.

By no means has this journey been easy and as a human being who is far from perfect, I still have to catch myself and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. The process of improving your mindset is an ongoing one and one that you need to be committed to.

Over time, I began to look at the different methods that I could use to help keep me on track and I have found, the more I have practiced the following, the more positive my mindset has become. With all that is taking place in the world, it is now more important than ever to take stock of your mindset to ensure no matter the setbacks, you always come out on top.

1. Organise your space

There is something quite soul restoring in taking time to clear and organise your space. When my mind was filled with negative thoughts, my home was reflective of this. The physical chaos was manifesting in my mind and vice versa. Once I decided to tidy up my space, throw away items and clothing that I no longer needed and only surrounding myself with things I actually used. The physical act of clearing out had a positive effect on the mind. Take time to organise your environment and allow it to naturally help to alter the way you think.

2. Practise Visualisation

The process of closing your eyes and imagining how things could be; visualising your dream house, your dream car, the career you want, the partner you want to be with. Visualisation allows you to map this all out and the act of allowing your imagination to run wild can in turn help you to focus and choose to shift your attention onto thinking about abundance instead of lack. Your brain starts to look at ways that it can present these things within your life. Once you choose to imagine what you do want and only focus on building these images in your minds eye. Your brain has no other option but to align with the new pictures it is being presented with. Take 5 mins a day to close your eyes and think about how you want your life to look. If you can see it, you can manifest it. Believe in the power of your imagination.

3. Practice meditation

The art of meditation is one that has been practiced for centuries and is where an individual uses a technique such as focusing on a key word or object to train their attention and awareness to help them achieve a calm mental state. It is a practice that also allows you to manage your breath and helps to relieve tension and stress. Once you are able to manage your stress and remain calm, you will tend to think more positive thoughts. You will find you are more able to deal with challenges easier and in turn your mindset will be better placed to deal with any challenges that may arise. Practicing meditation is also a act of self care. Search on YouTube for short guided meditations that you can do for as little as 5 minutes a day.

4. Replace the word "Failing with Learning"

Much of our negative thought patterns derive from us overthinking and replaying negative experiences over and over. So much of our sadness and low moods come not from the circumstances but from the emotion that we attach to them. Many of us have developed a negative mindset because we have focused on the mistakes we have made over the years. Instead of seeing them as learning curves we see them as failures and we punish ourselves by thinking about what we could have done better. I want you to focus on changing the word 'failing' to 'learning'. There is nothing that you have experienced that cannot make you stronger, more wise and more prepared than ever before.

5. Practice showing gratitude

I give thanks every single day and instead of reserving the action of giving thanks for the start and the end of each day, I give thanks throughout the day. We are living in challenging times and waking up is a blessing. But, it shouldn't take a pandemic to make you say thank you. The more grateful you are for what you currently have the more you can manifest within your life. Say thank you for waking up, thank you for having the opportunity to have another day. Speaking gratitude into the universe will almost instantly lift your spirits and having your thinking positively throughout the day.

You have the power to choose your thoughts and I want you to commit to focusing on speaking inspiration, motivation and empowerment over your life. Your mind is yours and how it is set is all down to you. Be mindful of the messages you feed yourself daily and be the driving force behind having a positive mindset no matter the challenges you may face.

The choice is always yours.

W | By Sasha Shantel @Women_Who_Slay_


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