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5 Ways To Slay Procrastination

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Procrastination is one of the most debilitating behavioural and negative traits that will block, slow and even stop you from progressing in life. And it's a constant battle that so many of us are struggling with from the stay at home housewives/house husband to students and those who are employed in high flying city work, it can affect anyone. Statistics have shown that 20% of the world's population encounter procrastination from time to time and this number has quadrupled in the last 20 years.

One of the causes for procrastination and a lack of motivation is confusion and vagueness about what you need to do and for what reason. If you are serious and want to stop procrastination, then read the following 5 ways on how to slay procrastination:

#1: Set SMART goals and focus on them

This is one of the most effective ways of stopping procrastinations. The more you maintain your focus on your goals the easier it becomes to handle procrastination. You can maintain your focus by doing simple things that can help you in remembering your goals several times in a day. Such as writing a post-it-note about your objectives and placing it in a place where you will always see. You can start your day by reading your goals and write them in the notes section of your smart phone, in a small notepad and re-read them several times as you move through your day. You can also take a few moments to visualize yourself having attained your objectives. Such practices will help you remain focused to your goals and helps you to slay procrastination. If you would like tips on how to set SMART goals try our free Resources section here

#2: Commit to exercising regularly and get a good night's sleep

Yes you may have heard and read this piece of wisdom dozens of times before, but it's a gem and well worth taking on board. Countless research has shown that with more energy, we can think better and able to prioritize excellently when we exercises consistently and sleeps well. Having problem sleeping try here

#3: Set realistic deadlines

When you have goals to be achieved, set realistic and achievable deadlines to accomplish them. By setting a realistic, achievable and specific time frame for yourself, you can curb the procrastinating habit. By ensuring that the deadline is realistic and achievable you will avoid overwhelm as unrealistic deadlines makes you more prone to procrastination.

#4: Get it done, not perfect

Most people immerse themselves into perfectionism. Don't work too long to get everything perfect, the idea is to ensure it is done but not perfect. You will have first drafts, in each step then when it's done you can re-visit and edit and refine. A part of success is getting what is right and not what's so effective. Avoid perfectionism as it leads to procrastination.

#5: Step outside of your comfort zone

If you are reluctant to trying new things and evading situations that may cause you discomfort, then you need to begin taking steps to push against the self imposed boundaries you've placed. Begin by taking baby steps and doing things that will cause you only mild discomfort. By occasionally doing this, you are exercising your willpower and also developing mental toughness to face difficulties when you meet them in your life. You are expanding your comfort zone. In this way you will begin to feel less anxious and more in control of the need to procrastinate and put off attempting things you may find challenging.

For more on tips on slaying Procrastination try here Listen to our Podcast here

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