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8 Questions You Should Ask To Yourself: A Preparation to Self-Improvement

The road to self-discovery is not always an easy road to traverse. Going down it will often bring with it a series of twists and turns and some harsh home truths. But on the flip, getting to understand and know yourself, can also be the most rewarding and gratifying thing you may ever do.

In order to work on your self-improvement, we have come up with a list of questions that you should begin to ask yourself. The key here is to be open and honest and to offer as much transparency as possible. If you really want to start on enhancing the self, you need to allow yourself to just be. No one is sitting on the sidelines; ready to pass judgement. You are on your own side and ready to step into who you were destined to be.

The time is now. Get to know yourself and prepare to grow into your true and authentic slay-babe self! We’re rooting for you!

1. What do I really want?

One of, if not the most important question you will ever ask yourself. So many of us think we actually know what we want to do, be and have but then when we are posed with the question, we freeze. Note down all the key areas of your life. Your work life, you friendship groups, your finance, your overall lifestyle. What do you REALLY want these areas of your life to look like? What steps; no matter how small can you take now to start to create clarity?

2. Should I really change?

Is change necessary? Being clear as to why you want to make changes is vital to help you spring into action. But, if you are unsure of whether you should. Don’t. There is nothing more damaging than setting yourself up to fail before you have even begun. Be truthful to yourself as to who you are changing for. Are you trying to lose weight, gain weight, quit smoking (the list is endless!) to suit the needs and wants of someone or something outside of yourself? If you are, you will continue to meet one challenge after another. Once you feel clear on whether you should change, you will have more ideas as to what it is you actually have to do.

3. What's the bright side in all of this?

Of course, when you set out on a journey of self-discovery, you may feel put off by the journey and all the levels of transition you will have to take before getting the desired outcome. In anything you decide to improve about or around yourself. Ensure you look and the positives of the situation. What would the bright side or should we say’ the light at the end of the tunnel look like?

4. Am I comfortable with what I'm doing?

Of course, with change will come a level of discomfort. That can by no means be stopped. However, if you are finding that your discomfort far outweighs the joy you are receiving and you are left feeling resentful or bitter in any way. This will in turn cause more damage than good. Are you comfortable with all that you have explored so far? Are you happy to keep going and to see what else you can find out about yourself?

5. Have I done enough for myself?

This is a question that I asked myself recently and I had to be brutally honest. I did not think that I had done all that I could do to improve myself. I celebrated all of the action steps I had taken so far. But I had to also be real with myself and address areas where I procrastinated or areas where I gave up too quickly. This is one question that I want you to be completely raw with yourself on. No BS and no trying to not be hard on yourself. As a Life Coach, it is my job to hold you accountable for your actions and as a woman who is now ready to make a change you need to challenge yourself and ensure you call yourself out on areas where you haven’t been at your best but could have been.

6. Am I happy at where I am today?

It’s not always easy to be honest with ourselves on this question. How can it be easy to address the elephant in the room where you are completely unhappy with your life and don’t know how to fix things. The first step in improving your happiness is to admit and face-up to the areas that you are not happy with. This may very well be your relationship or your health or your finances. Writing down all the areas within your life and then asking yourself the question as to whether you are happy with them will help you take a step closer to putting a serious plan together to establish how you can become happier with what you have as you work towards pursuing what it is you really want.

7. What do I like about myself?

With the rise of social media came with it an increase of women beginning not to like themselves as much as they once did. This comparison game is evil and and it can really tear a sister down! I fell down this trap many a time and started to really feel like my accomplishments meant nothing. I had to completely hit rock bottom to find the strength to evaluate the fact that I was feeling less than and ultimately take charge, take stock and take back my control. I began this process by writing down of my qualities and all of the amazing things that made me me. When was the last time you actually evaluated your assets and qualities and celebrated everything that makes you you. Grab a pen and pad and get to writing!

8. What motivates me?

In order to get going, you need to be completely clear as to what motivates and drives you. What is it that makes you tick? Your motivators are a massive driving force in helping you to create clear goals and actually increase your success in seeing them through, no matter the setbacks you may face along the way. Be clear on what drives you and keep pushing forward, using your motivators as your biggest cheerleaders.

We’d love to hear from you once you take a moment to answer these questions- drop us an email to

By Sasha Shantel @women_who_slay_


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