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How to Overcome Adversity and Regain Control of Your Life

If you are facing adversity in your life then babe, join the club. A huge part of living is dealing with adversity. It's actually, like it or not, one of the few things that we can actually count on in life, is that we will constantly be faced with challenges to overcome. While it may not always be easy and definitely not enjoyable, it's a part of life that you can expect to encounter on a regular basis. So, learning how to deal with adversity is worth your time and attention.

There are several factors that will determine your ability to deal with adversity effectively, starting to work on the qualities below and your ability to face your challenges successfully will multiply.

1~ Experience

In one way or another you've successfully dealt with adversity in the past, drawing on the experience of how you overcame the experience will bolster your self- confidence that you'll be more than capable of dealing with it in the present or in the future. Experience can also give you more self-confidence.

2 ~Self-confidence

If you believe you can handle a challenge, you're more likely to do so. Self-confidence helps to reduce your stress and maintain a positive mood. When you have belief in yourself, challenges are easier to overcome.

3 ~Focusing on solutions

When you focus on your adversity, your challenges become bigger and scarier. Focusing on solutions is much more effective and will resolve your issue quicker

4 ~ Managing stress

If you have learnt how to manage your stress then you will be able to rise to your challenges more easily. However if you haven't, now is a good time to learn some stress management techniques especially if in the past you've been easily overwhelmed by stress. Learning to meditate even as little as five to ten minutes a day, pray, listen to music, or participate in other activities that release your stress will help to relax you.

5 ~ Social circle

Life is easier when you don't have to face your challenges alone that's why having a strong social network can solve a lot of life's tricky situations. Is your car not running? That's easier to deal with when you have close friends and family members that can give you a ride while you get your car repaired. If you haven't a close circle of family and friends then try seeking professional help, a professionally qualified life coach is great at helping clients to overcome challenges and providing a way forward when life becomes too overwhelming.

6~ Accept that adversity is a part of life

When you simply accept that adversity is part of life then your ability to cope with the challenges that comes your way gets easier. When have you ever not had a challenge of some sort? Never. There's always something wrong. When one issue is solved, another one will pop up to take it's place. So dealing with adversity is just part of life.

7~ Look on the bright side

You become a stronger person and more capable of handling adversity in the future. You might not appreciate this fact if you are facing a major challenge in your life right now, but adversity is good for building your internal resources and inner strength.

8 ~ Focus on what you can control

When you truly recognise that most of the things you worry about are out of your control you will understand that it is pointless fretting about it. It's easy to feel overwhelmed and waste time on worrying and activities that won't move you forward in life. But why waste precious time when you could be using your time effectively and spending your resources wisely on addressing those things you can change. Now is the time to use your time intelligently and to spend it on changing your situation.

9 ~ Focus on the good

Remind yourself of the good things in your life. It's not all bad. There are plenty of good things and people in your life right now. You'll feel better, and be more capable, if you remind yourself of this fact. Be grateful for what you do have.

You've dealt with adversity in the past and you'll have to do it again. Learning to enhance your ability to overcome adversity, building your inner resources, learning lessons from your past is what separates those that are highly successful and those that struggle. Focus on solutions rather than the challenge and you too will be able to manage the adversity in your life effectively and enjoy greater success.

W|By womenwhoslay @womenwhoslay


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