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Interview| Entrepreneur and Founder of My Influencers Sienna Mobach

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

You cannot help but be in awe of this Woman. She is an accomplished influencer with over 40k followers on Instagram. She is a mother to a beautiful son, she is the founder and the CEO of the fast growing influencer and management agency My Influencers, she is a survivor of sexual abuse, an active speaker on key economic and socioeconomic issues that shape the world and she is only still in her teens.

In the short time I have had the pleasure of seeing Sienna Mobach in action, I have witnessed a woman who is driven by an innate desire to not only secure the bag, but to impact and empower women (and men) along the way....

Sienna, you are a mother, the CEO of the rapidly growing Influencers Management and digital marketing agency My Influencers and you are a recognised influencer and model too! What was the journey you took to move you into influencing and when and how did you realise you wanted to launch your own business?

I had Instagram for years but it was only in 2018 when I started being more active due to leaving an abusive and controlling relationship that I began to utilise the ultimate reach of social media. My partner at the time would stop me from being able to go on my phone and made me delete all my social media accounts so when I left him I got them all back. After speaking up about my abusive relationship I instantly began influencing so many women. That’s when I became a real influencer, I didn’t start working with brands until a few thousand followers later. 

I have always wanted to be fully independent so starting a business was something I was always planning to do. I just didn’t think I would start so soon and it be so successful in the first year! I originally just wanted to help aspiring influencers however my agencies reputation grew extremely fast and I even had applications from people from the circle! I think the many achievements my agency has had has made me keep pushing for more and more. I don’t ever want to give this up.

From the initial idea to beginning the building process, how long did it take for you to get your business up and running?

It took me a few months to build some connections in the industry but after that it was an extremely fast process. I believe my following and the influence I already had helped with my business as so many girls looked up to me and wanted to kick start their careers. It was in the past 11 months I would say that I really started to get more connections and big businesses/people reaching out to me. I have had ITV get in contact and have also connected girls with Pretty Little Thing!

You're only 18 and many would say that your business acumen is way beyond your years, what would you say have been the contributing factors towards you being this way inclined? 

I wouldn’t say it’s beyond my years just because I know so many people who are younger than me that are starting their own businesses and doing really well for themselves. I think you need to invest time, show passion and develop knowledge in your chosen field to succeed. As a Taurus woman, we are known for our independence, being naturally driven, ambitious and for our love of working so maybe that’s why this just comes so naturally to me. 

You are the mother to a beautiful baby boy, how do you create the balance between being a mother and raising your child?

I have set working hours that I try my best to stick too. My boyfriend will take care of him throughout the day and then during the evening I’ll spend time playing and teaching him things. Because of my busy lifestyle I also take my son Kyngdom with me everywhere I go! Kyngdom is my travel partner! (Laughs).

  I have been on Instagram and many other social networks like Facebook and Twitter for a number of years now and for a long time, I have witnessed many influencers remaining quiet on important and life changing topics that shape our world for fear of affecting their image and public persona. However, on more than a few occasions I have seen you use your platform to speak out on these subjects. Why has it been important for you to use your position to highlight these situations and why do you not show any fear as to what it may do to you and your following? 

I honestly believe that as an Influencer, you should want to do a lot more than be someone who just promotes the latest tan or skinny coffee. You should strive to be a positive influence to your audience. I speak about a lot of things such as what is going on in China with the Muslim community and I am not Muslim. However, I don’t need to be Muslim to shine a light on what is happening to them. I know I have a large following on Instagram and if I can just get 5 people to repost an important story like what is going on in China, then hopefully someone who follows them will spread the word. I just want the world to be a better place. I show no fear of losing followers because I honestly have no fear. If someone would be naive enough to un follow me because I’m raising awareness for something, then I don’t need them following me in the first place. 

I often see you speak out on mental health and trauma, sharing your experiences to help others. How have you found ways to deal with your own personal experiences and how much would you say sharing your truth has inspired others? 

What helped me personally was a service called 'Getaway Girls'. I was so reluctant to join because I didn’t want to speak to a stranger and I didn’t think it would help me. However 'Getaway Girls' gave me comfort. I spoke with a woman named Alison and she is the reason why I use my platform to bring strength to other women. She influenced me to influence my audience. 

No-one has set up in business without facing some difficulties along the way, what barriers have you had to face so far in business and what steps have you taken to overcoming them? 

So far I haven’t really had problems with my business however, I have had about 15 profiles copy my page. I am all for starting new businesses and following your dreams, however people have gone as far as to use my logo and turn it pink, copy and paste my entire captions and copying and pasting my bio. It gets me worked up but I have to remember, imitation is sometimes the best form of flattery.

Your agency has grown at a rapid pace since it launched and you have hit some major milestones so far. What were your expectations for your brand before you launched it, and have your expectations been exceeded?

If I’m completely honest I didn’t even have expectations for my business. I didn’t know what I could get out of it and I didn’t think it would be as much of a success as it is now. But because of the rapid growth,I started to look at other agencies that inspire me and I set myself a goal. My goal is to have big brands like Nike, BooHoo and I Saw It First directly coming to my agency and looking for influencers. So far I have had ITV contact my agency wanting to work with the influencers on my books and I never thought that would happen.

I recently saw you becoming a target for online trolling and you spoke out and was very vocal about your views on this. More vitally you were also very transparent and shared with your followers that it had affected you. What processes do you implement to help you deal with such negative energy?

I started being trolled at the age of 14 after I was raped and received hundreds of death threats and abuse on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I felt like I got so many messages it almost made my heart immune to the hurtful comments.  Obviously some comments are hurtful but the more you sit and go around in circles with a bully, the more you get upset and they feel empowered. I do not give haters the power to break me down. 

Who would you say are your biggest supporters/cheerleaders and why?

Honestly it’s my followers. I get so many messages daily from my followers checking up on me, saying I inspire them and paying me compliments and it literally melts my heart. I don’t have a big circle of friends at all despite my following and none of them are as passionate about Instagram as I am. My family don’t understand the benefits of Instagram but I feel like they are beginning to. My mum always tells me how proud she is of me and that means the world to me. 

Many new business owners struggle to find ways to launch their ventures as many start it with little to no capital. How did you manage to launch your brand and how much were the initial start up costs?

If I could give anyone advice on starting a business it would be to use social media marketing as much as possible. Instagram is such an amazing platform and one that has proved to be very beneficial to me. I didn’t have to pay anything to launch my business. I have paid for things I didn’t have to but wanted to. Also, it’s so important to reach out to people for collaborations. I recently reached out to a number of makeup artists and photographers who are wanting to grow their businesses and we have all agreed on a huge collaboration shoot that will bring exposure and promotional material for everyone involved. Supporting other small businesses is so important. 

What has been the best advice you have been given in business or have learned so far?

To always stay professional. I was given this advice  from family when dealing with this one client that had their contract terminated for breaking the terms of their agreement. This individual trolled me and my business on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Trip Advisor spreading lies and false information. It was really hard for me not to clap back but I kept my cool and kept it classy. 

What advice would you give to other women wanting to launch their own venture but are not sure of what steps they should take?

I would say if you want to start a business make sure that you do your research before hand and make sure that it is something you are passionate about. Always remain professional and speak to customers/clients/ex clients with respect and make sure you have policies and terms and conditions before you launch.  What can we expect from you and your brand in the coming months?

I’m working on some really exciting projects in regards to my own career with influencing including TV appearances and products. For my agency I am looking to expand my team offering more jobs for those who may not be able to work such as new mum's and also increase opportunities for my clients.  

Sienna has been nominated for two awards and we would appreciate if you vote for her HERE

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You really are amazing and truly an inspiration to women regardless of their age group. Thank you for the interview and for sharing. Much success in the future.

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