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Interview | Fitness Entrepreneur & Creator of FitNatixs Bella.B

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

I'm continually inspired by women who raise families while embarking on their chosen career paths. They continue to raise the bar and show women around the world that with passion and a determination to succeed you can move mountains. Originally from a Drama and Dance background Fitness entrepreneur and creator of FitNatixs Bella.B embarked on a career in fitness to earn a consistent living while raising her family. However, what came from this was a fitness brand that she uses to transform the bodies and minds of her clients. From balancing parenthood to the importance of following a nutritious diet, Bella.B shares her tips for success and her plans for expansion in 2019. Say hello to this phenomenal power woman!

Bella you have a drama and dance background but now predominately focus on your dynamic fitness brand FitNatix. When did you realise that you wanted to pursue fitness training as your career/business?

Yeah (Laughs) I wanted to be a dancer and actress in college and was doing really well but I couldn't afford classes for a long period of time and missed out quite a bit. I danced until 2010 but It was just for fun. It will always be my first love though.

In 2008 , I was blessed with my first son Rayne and with my newfound responsibility I realised I needed to think and act quick. I wanted to re-establish who I was and find myself again. It was important that I did something I had a genuine interest in and could make money from. Dance and drama wasn't bringing in quick money and I couldn't make the time to go to classes like I did before. I was working in Fitness First while pregnant and a couple of months later I gave birth to Rayne. I enrolled in university to study personal training and fitness consultancy in 2009 and that's when my professional fitness journey started. I now have two sons; Rayne 10 and Regan 5.

How and when did you come up with the brand? and from the initial idea, how long did it take for it to come into fruition?

Honestly! It took weeks to find the name. I originally had Bella.B Fitness but it just didn't resonate. I came home from the gym one night and I fell asleep with my clothes and bag still on I was totally exhausted! I remember laying there and having the realisation that I really loved fitness and I loved the way it made me feel. I was crazy for it and at no time did it ever feel like hard work. I trained so hard that I didn't have the energy to take my things off most nights!! I started thinking at that point .Crazyfit? natic then I put it together and came up with FitNatics... then with a few more slight changes I ended up crossing the c out using an X because it looked better to me (Laughs) and decided it would be pronounced the same. With that FitNatixs was born. You have managed to create your own unique brand of fitness training. What makes your style of training different to others already on the market?

Yes! Honestly it just all came together.I just wanted to do something that I loved and get paid to do it at first but then it became my life , my world, my purpose. I realised everything that had come before was preparing me for this. While working at Fitness First, I started to train during my lunch break. I quickly realised I had a gift for training and anatomy/physiology came so much easier to me than other subjects. 

I started playing around with my body angles, seeing how far I could go with weights and other styles of exercise /training. In every class I did the instructor would ask me if I was a trainer or ask me how long I had been doing yoga, boxing or circuits for. I would laugh and tell them I was only doing it for fun. This eventually led me to find my own technical style I now use to create my own workouts.

My training is different because they are routine based workouts that use 8 rep dance counts, Instead of dance moves, I replace them with diverse multiple exercises which are designed for all fitness levels. I've also created new exercises accustomed for all ages. My style can be used in a 1:1 based session and group session and no matter what class or style of training your doing FitNatixs exercises /routines can be use in all of them.

You manage to balance motherhood with growing your brand. How do you manage to find the balance and what has been the pros and cons of trying to be both?

I manage because of the support of my sisters and brothers. They have supported me so far on my journey. They have my boys more than me sometimes. Plus the boys dads a hero and has my back too.

The pros

1. My children get to see how hard I have to work on myself and my goals to raise a family. 2. I have had access to better education and opportunities since embarking on my entrepreneurial path. 3. I will be able to pass my business onto my children and they may want to be involved with it or they may want to use it to help them launch their own ventures. 4. Fitnatix has made me more business minded. 5. Fitness has given me a better and more improved lifestyle.

The cons

1. I would be lying if I said that my career hasn't led to my missing significant moments in my children's life like missing a tooth fall out. 2. Returning home from a late session when they're already sleeping. 3. My children asking me why I work so much and why I'm going out the door yet again!

You learn to live with it because the goals is to say to them one day... this is why baby...this is why mummy was a f**king hard working G. (Smiling too) I WON'T swear though! (Laughs)

Since setting up your business, what pearls of wisdom have you learned along the way?

Family is a beautiful distraction that's needed. When the work load is too much they recharge my batteries and they help me stay on top form.

Don't forget to work on you first and take time to acknowledge all that you've done so far on your journey.

You are actually alone in this world but doesn't mean you're not loved.  Keep working for what you believe in and aim for more each time you achieve each goal.

Of course, with new ventures can bring with it a number of setbacks. What barriers have you had to face along the way and what steps have you taken to overcoming them?

Not being able to manage everything alone. For the  first 3 years I managed my business by myself but I aimed to find a team. My new team build my dream and their own through the company now. I finally have some team support and we are still building and welcome anyone who want to jump on board to do some paper work (Laughs). In the past working for companies that only allow me to go so far have lead me to building my own. This year I've had to cancel classes and 1:1 personal training clients to focus more on my own personal training. I aim to show more. Its all for the best so I'm happy.

Many of us struggle to incorporate fitness into our day to day life with time or the lack of it being the key factor.  For someone who wants to incorporate fitness into their lives, what is the bare minimum they can begin implementing to begin making a change to their body?

It starts with understanding nutrition.  How well do you eat now? What do you eat? How many meals do you need to compliment your training? Once you understand your food and have a better relationship with it, you can witness much quicker results with much more benefits to your training. It only takes 15-30 mins to have a good workout and it can be done each day or weekly. It's about making the time. 

Many people don't understand that it's your mental capacity that pushes you to train your physical state. I always start with an interview, this way I can see how serious a client is about working towards a transformation, l help those who don't have the drive to instigate change and help to get them started and moving in the right direction.

In my sessions clients are pushed to see why they should and deserve to go through the whole transformation process.  I then support them by making it part of their day to day routine with or without me there. 

Definition of a FitNatix. A person who implements a daily fitness regime with an healthy nutritious lifestyle.

How important and valuable would you say social media is in helping you to grow and market your brand?

For me I think it's great that you can show people all over the world and in your own communities what you can do and who you are through your business, in multiple locations at once too. I've seen many peoples career blow up from just social media alone. I think that's awesome. It's been valuable to me and has easily been a fantastic marketing platform for me so far in my career.  You're the main face behind FitNatix but do you have any other individuals who help you to grow the brand and if yes, how valuable are the roles they play?

At the moment it's me and my Mentor @emul8us and a 2 others in my family Tanika Biggs is a big part of my company as she runs the fitness workout and whine sessions. My @vybz_fitnatixs girls do weekly Dancehall workouts which will be starting Jan 2019. I need Tanika in my life! she's not just a business partner any more she's family now and I cant wait to see her turn the Dancehall game around. Spice it up some more! (Laughs)

Clients help promote me by purchasing my clothing, or referring me to more clientele. Do you have any other female fitness figures that you admire?

Since 2010 I've been in love with Diddie Emah. When I first saw her dancing in a video choreographed by Sean Bankhead I was blown away. I've been following her ever since and she is a big inspiration to me and many women. I had a chance to train her in 2015 too. I admire all women who are using their gift to be better and to inspire others to do the same. Every woman not just in the fitness Industry that is working hard, motivating others and changing lives are all admirable to me.

What's next for FitNatix?

The aim is to continue to build the FitNatixs family. We are planning for the children's fitness sessions 2019. We'll keep pushing the business on all platforms possible. Evidently that mission is to be able to train anyone, anywhere, anytime...and have fun doing it. Overall we are excited for the future!!!

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