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Self-Care Sunday | Just Breathe

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

It is when we under stressful situations that we struggle to breathe the most. When we feel under pressure we shallow breathe and this in turn makes us more stressed and irritated and can have a detrimental effect on our overall health in the long run.

We have to breathe to live, but do we honestly know how to breathe effectively? especially in our day to day lives.?

Taking time to deep breathe is beneficial for both your physical and mental development. It allows you to calm down and helps you to hone in on your thoughts and re-centre.

WHEN YOU'RE ON THE GRIND.... take a few moments to slow down and tune in to your breathing at different times during the day, feeling the belly go through one or two risings and fallings.
Become aware of your thoughts and feelings at these moments, just observing them without judging them or yourself.
At the same time, be aware of any changes in the way you are seeing things and feeling about yourself.

Breathing exercise

1. Assume a comfortable posture lying on your back or sitting. If you are sitting, keep the spine straight and let your shoulders drop.

2. Close your eyes if it feels comfortable.

3. Bring your attention to your belly, feeling it rise or expand gently on the inbreath and fall or recede on the outbreath.

4. Keep the focus on your breathing, 'being with' each inbreath for its full duration, as if you were riding the waves of your own breathing.

5. Every time you notice that your mind has wandered off the breath, notice what it was that took you away and then bring your attention back to your belly and the feeling of breath every time, no matter what it becomes preoccupied with.

6. If your mind wanders away from the breath coming in and out.

7. Practise this exercise for fifteen minutes at a convenient time every day, whether you feel like it or not, for one week and see how it feels to incorporate a disciplined meditation practice into your life. Be aware of how it feels to spend some time each day just being with your breath without having to do anything.

By Sasha Bennett @women_who_slay_


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