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What To Do at a Virtual Job Fair (Part 2)

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Well done! You've put in the preparatory work and now it's time to login and attend the virtual job fair. But then you are presented with another issue. What do you actually do when you are there?

Follow our Top Tips on how you can comfortably navigate the virtual job fair process.

Act Professional

Where it is typical for us to become quite relaxed in the delivery of our communication skills; particularly where using social medial. If you’re used to communicating in a casual tone while you’re online, stay alert. In most industries, you’ll want to avoid slang or trendy text abbreviations.

Budget Your Time

Traditional and digital job fairs have at least one thing in common. You may run into long lines at the recruiting booths for popular companies. See if you can drop off your resume instead of waiting around. It also helps to arrive early and allow some extra time in case of delays. It is quite easy to take for granted the fact that you don't have to commute so in effect should have more time on your hands to get ready. However, one thing I have learned more than anything whilst working at home is that time has a very funny way of running away with you so make sure to set an alarm and move in a timely fashion.

Take Notes

Write down your observations and comments. You’ll be able to refer to them later when you’re reviewing your day and deciding how you want to move ahead. If you have submitted your CV to numerous employers, it is beneficial to keep a note of what company/employer your submitted your CV, what the job role is and to note what the next steps in their recruitment stage is. (If you have been informed of this upon submitting an application.)

Broaden Your Education

Many career fairs offer extras like webinars and workshops on job hunting or industry topics. Take advantage of programs that could add to your knowledge and skills. If you are able to do so beforehand also try and boost your CV with short online workshops/courses using websites like Udemy, Google's Digital Garage or to access top quality courses that will give your CV that all important edge.

Gather Contact Information

Gathering as many employer contacts as possible is imperative. Building great contacts can help you during the numerous stages of your job searching journey and you never know who you meet and work for. Recruiting events are also an ideal setting for networking. Read over the list of companies who are attending and look up their key staff on LinkedIn. Introduce yourself to other participants, and follow up with phone calls or coffee dates.

Say Thanks

Remember to thank others for their time and assistance. Send an email to the company representative who gave you a valuable referral. Post a comment online letting the hosts know how much you appreciated their event.

The future of job searching is advancing at a massive rate, make sure you are one step ahead and learn all the necessary requirements need to excel. As virtual career fairs become more popular, they’ll play a larger role in your job search. Learn how to make a strong impression online so you’ll be ready to land your next position and advance your career.

By| Women Who Slay @women_who_slay_


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