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3 Reasons to Be More Cheerful

We all know people who seems to have an insane amount of optimism. They have gone through hell and high water but they still retain a positive outlook on life and hold steadfast to the belief that their glass is half full not half empty no matter what situations other people, the world and life throws at them. It may seem that they are born having a natural disposition to focusing on the good in life but having a positive mindset is a choice you have to make each and every day and also comes with a surprising amount of benefits.

* Health - Choosing to be optimistic have many physical health benefits such as increasing longevity, strenghtening the heart and the immune system.

* Success - Having a positive mindset helps you to manage stress as you will be more open and willing to adopting and applying effective coping strategies than a pessimist. And better at overcoming obstacles, by being more adaptable and more resilient at staying the course on achieving their goals. Thereby making them more successful.

* Relationships - No one enjoys being around a pessimist (not even the pessimist themselves!). Remember a time when you were in the company of someone who is in a constant negative flow and how soul drainining it actually was? Now imagine a time when you were in the presence of someone who is cheerful and upbeat, how different it felt? Studies have shown that optimist have better and more satisfying relationships than someone who is negative.

Are you ready to become a more positive person. Then read here.

W| Syianne Raemond @women_who_slay_


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