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4 Easy Ways to Live an Empowered Life

Empowerment is such an over used statement at present that some people may actually be mistaken as to what it actually means. As an example, having power over others. Its true meaning however is to feel confident and assured.

When challenging circumstances arises in your life how do you respond ? Do you react as as a victim or respond as a victor? If you view yourself as a victim, you will always feel controlled by life’s events. If you see yourself as a victor, you are self-empowered you are in control of your life.

The secret to living an empowered life is to see yourself in the driving seat of your life, to know that you have power over yourself and of your mind and to not be at the mercy of whatever life throws at you but to reside in awareness that you always have a choice over how your actions and reactions.

These 4 building blocks below are necessary for living an empowered life:

1. Set and accomplish a challenging task.

Set ambitious but realistic goals. Start by taking small steps, make a plan and follow it through. When you succeed, Repeat. Starting small may be something as simple as cleaning your room, finish a book you’ve been struggling to get through for months, and putting more effort in your job.

* Stretch your comfort zone. Learn or try something new. Doing any of these may feel uncomfortable at the onset but resolve to do it, anyway. Reward yourself to some TLC afterwards. For example, a few hours of pampering at home or take yourself out to your favourite restaurant for an indulgent meal.

Both of the above is hugely empowering. Knowing you can achieve the goals you set for yourself will boosts your self-confidence.

2. Take control of your health and consciously decide to get fit.

Looking great inspires confidence. Don’t be afraid to take baby steps. Minor changes lead to significant results. Consciously begin choosing to eat healthy foods. Walk or invest in a bicycle and ride instead of driving or using public transport for short journeys to begin with.

We feel more self-empowered when we start taking steps to be in control of our self, our choices and of our actions. Losing weight, for example, can make you feel empowered. You self-esteem will be given a major boost as you'll know you look and feel great because you put in the time and effort to over haul your body image and wellbeing.

It feels good to be taking positive steps. You may not think of taking these steps as empowering, but it absolutely is.

3. Become financially independent.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with your financial situation, it's impossible to feel empowered about anything at all. You’re practically living in a constant state of instability. (believe me, I know the constant state of stress you experience when you have money worries!).

* Upgrade your skillset to help put you in a better position to apply for a more high paying role. There are hundreds of online self study courses and providers to choose from. Or if you prefer to be in a class with others, evening courses is also an option. You can visit in person or search the courses online by your nearest provider that will appeal to you.

*Bolster your courage and ask for a promotion or a raise. Switch jobs if your current role has grown stagnant and there is no room for progressing. You may also have or discover an entrepreneurial spirit, and decide to start a side hustle. The point is to take action as this will feel more empowering and puts you in control of the situation.

4. Help others.

Developing meaningful relationships with others is also empowering. You will feel empowered when you feel worthwhile, as you will be contributing to someone else’s happiness. There are many ways to do this.

*You can tell a joke and make someone laugh. Compliment your partner or a friend or relative. They aren’t expecting it. Give your dog a treat. Volunteer your time for a few hours each week at a local charity. Teach your child to cook or talk about something you’re passionate about and watch others understand and get passionate about the subject, too.

* Getting feedback from the people you help is also empowering!

Remain grateful for how far you’ve come. Appreciate yourself for who you are. Realise that just because there are parts of you that are less than perfect does not mean you don’t deserve love. When you appreciate and respect yourself, changes come, and confidence follows.

Avoid waiting for others to acknowledge and validate you. Look back at the changes you’ve made in your life and all your progress. Draw lessons from your experiences. Taking control of your life has a significant impact on you.

Once you start on that empowerment journey, it will only get easier for you to keep setting and reaching your goals.

By|womenwhoslay @womenwhoslay

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May 23, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Loved this blog! Empowerment tips we’re on point!!!

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