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When the Going Gets Tough...the Tough Keeps Going

Life can be exciting, interesting and exhilarating but there are times when life without a doubt can be tough, there's no getting away from that fact. No one has had a smooth ride and experiencing challenging times in life can really test your inner strength or the lack of it.

When challenges comes your way , how do you react? Are you able to face these challenges head on confident in your ability to handle each situations ? If you could use some help in finding your inner strength read on for some tips on how to access your personal strength and keep going when the going gets tough...

1. Get Specific. Take some quiet time out alone to get really clear on exactly what it is that is challenging you and be honest with your answers ask yourself, 'What do you see as the real issue? Are you inadvertently blowing it up out of proportion and unintentionally fuelling your stress levels? How can you focus your efforts on the current event that’s troubling you? '

2. Acknowledge Your Fears. Before you can tap into your inner resilience to move forward, it’s important to recognize any fears that have a bearing on your current circumstances. Ignoring them will only serve to discourage you from confronting the issue. If you need help in overcoming fear. Read here

3. Consider Every Option. Writing down your options for overcoming your challenge will help you see the situation from all angles. Brainstorming as many solutions as you can is a great start to finding a workable option and be open-minded. Remind yourself to not automatically screen out possible solutions. Considering every possible solution will strengthen your resilience to succeed.

4. Be Positive. It may sound over-simplified, but you can either approach a stumbling block thinking, “I don’t think I’m going to survive it” or “I’m going to do my best and make my way through this situation.” Taking a positive outlook will compel you to move forward through the crisis. Be optimistic!

5. Be Present. Focus on what’s going on in the moment. It always helps to take one step at a time. Concentrate your energy on what you can do in the here and now.

6. Just Breathe. When we are feeling challenged, stress naturally arises, take a moment to breathe, focusing on your breathing can help to calm and centre your thoughts and emotions.

Try this breathing exercise here.

7. Don't Go It Alone. Any troubling event is easier to handle if you have support from someone close to you. Bolster your inner resilience by reaching out to trusted friends and family members if you can. Although it might be difficult for you to reach out and let others know that you are having a tough time, give your loved ones the opportunity to be there for you. Accept their support if they are willing to provide it. And be willing to reciprocate in the future if necessary.

8. In The Spirit. Meditate, and if your religious, pray. Draw strength and faith from your spiritual practises. Alternately, you can consider what calms you down, makes you feel peace, and brings you simple joy? Take time to participate in your favourite activities to soothe your frayed emotions. Taking a walk in the woods, swimming a few laps at the pool, or doing a craft or hobby at home can be one of the most self-soothing things you can do when you’re experiencing a tricky life phase.

9. I Can Handle It . Remember that your inner strength has pulled you through many crises in the past. Be confident in the knowledge that it will continue to support you through many more no matter what type of challenge you may encounter in the future. Use these 3 words as a mantra that will allow your resilience sustain you, ' I can handle it', you can and you will.

By Women Who Slay @womenwhoslay


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